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Self-forgiveness: 3 Things You Need to Forgive Yourself For

For giving others is undoubtedly good, however, self-forgiveness is often overlooked but it is crucial because you spend more time with yourself than with anyone else.

Unforgiveness is seemingly harmless like holding a glass of water for a few seconds, you feel no pain because it’s just seconds, right?Imagine holding the same glass of water for say 31,556,926 seconds (1year!). Your hand may remain stiff, blood flow will cease and you will feel intense pain. That is the effect unforgiveness has when you allow it to fester.  

The fact is you won’t even hold a glass of water for that long. It then begs the question: why do you hold on to certain glasses of water that you should put away?

Life’s journey isn’t perfect you’ll get some things right and you’ll miss some, but it’s pertinent to not let your shortcomings define who you are. 

Here are the three things you need to forgive yourself for:

1. Weaknesses, Past Failures and Mistakes

 You’ve heard this a million times: No one is perfect. Everyone has strengths as well as their weaknesses. Some are just great at highlighting their strengths and this makes them look perfect.

You need to forgive yourself for your weaknesses, past failures and mistakes. Self-acceptance comes from acknowledging them and making a decision to be better. Instead of continually beating up yourself about something you have done wrong or said wrong(even after apologising), ask yourself what you can do to be better.


2. Unfulfilled Goals and Dreams

It can be painful to set goals and you end up not achieving them. But this is not the end. Forgive yourself for those dreams that are yet to be fulfilled and let go of regrets about what you should have done or should be doing.

Forgive yourself for wasted time and resources. Practice gratitude for how far you have come. Try to keep your goals SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time-bound) and keep working on them. You will surely reap the rewards of your diligence.


3. Broken Relationships 

We all go into relationships hoping that there would never be an end to it. However, things happen and we are unable to sustain some relationships for whatever reason. It is important for you to forgive yourself for those relationships that are no longer existent whether is as a result of your faults or not.

Relationships are bound to change because people change and some relationships may need to end for new ones to be kindled. The good thing is, if you feel the relationship is still worth saving, there’s always a way to mend it. 

Self-forgiveness is important for your mental health. When you forgive yourself, you open up yourself to newness, loving yourself and acceptance of your journey.

Deciding to make peace with yourself is one of the bravest decisions you would have to make. 
What are you forgiving yourself for today?

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