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Our Story

Àníké TLC is on a mission to help you restore serenity, tranquility and quietude to your space so that you can rest, recover and keep giving in other areas of your life.

As someone that has experienced what it feels like to be burnt out, I know it’s not a place anyone should be. I had moved to the UK and relentlessly chased my ambition to become a UX Designer.

While on this journey, I ignored the signs my body was communicating to me to slow down and this eventually led to me feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out. I fell ill and I was not able to chase my UX dream. I also missed a UX workshop I had paid a lot for because I was unwell.

This season was one of the lowest seasons of my life. It was also a huge turning point because it made me realise that I had to replenish myself so that I can pour out. 

I took intentional steps like having a quiet time, resting and practising self-care and these helped me recuperate. To ensure that I would not go down the burnout route again, I started to make scented candles from my kitchen table as they reminded me to relax and practise self-care.

Discovering that there are other women out there, who give selflessly but do little or nothing to replenish themselves, I founded Àníké TLC to address this. With every our products, the purpose is clear - rest, replenish and invest in your well-being so that you can give yourself to those things that truly matter. 

At Àníké TLC, we craft thoughtful products ranging from vegan wax scented candles hand-poured in small batches in London, to aromatic reed diffusers, premium teas and self-care boxes with you in mind.

“Àníké” in the Yoruba language, a tribe in Nigeria, means “to be greatly cherished and valued”. This is what I want every person to feel when they experience our products. Our values are rooted in faith, kindness, intentionality and rest. 

If you are reading this, I hope that our products will encourage you to invest in your well-being and be deliberate about your recovery. 
Love and light,
Bisoye x